High Performance Air Sampler Environmental TSP Multifunctional Air Sampler

The intelligent medium-flow particle sampler is a new-generation sampler developed by our company based on the characteristics of environmental detection and widely soliciting opinions from experts and users. The sampler uses a membrane weighing method to capture total suspended particulates (TSP) and respirable particulates (PM10) or fine particles (*PM2.5, PM5, PM10) (optional) in the ambient atmosphere, using current computer, G new technologies in the fields of sensors and new materials can be used for routine monitoring by departments such as environmental protection, health, labor, safety supervision, scientific research, education, and testing companies.


1. Adopt brush-less control fan, with low noise and large load, suitable for continuous long-term work

2. The TSP/PM10/PM2.5/PM5/PM1 sampling head is made of aluminum alloy material, antistatic adsorption

3. Electronic flowmeter, constant current sampling

4. With a real-time clock, timing sampling can be set, and multiple sampling at equal intervals

5. Real-time monitoring of gauge pressure and temperature, automatic compensation of flow deviation, and optimization of flow accuracy

6. The Chinese LCD screen with automatic contrast adjustment is suitable for sampling in cold areas, and the popular software display interface realizes good human-computer interaction

7. Automatically calculate the cumulative sampling volume, and at the same time convert the standard sampling volume according to air pressure and temperature

8. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery to achieve both AC and DC use

9. A set of sample storage device is optional, which is convenient for sample collection and storage.



The main parameters

Parameter range

Resolution Accuracy
Atmospheric sampling flow



better than ±2%

sampling time



Better than ±0.2%

Number of samples

1 to 99 times



Sampling volume


pre-gauge pressure

(-20~0) Kpa


Better than ±2.5%

atmospheric pressure

(70~130) Kpa


Better than ±2.5%

Operating temperature

(-30~+55) ℃


better than ±1℃

PM2.5 cutting characteristics

Da50 = (2.5±0.2) μm σg = (1.2±0.1) μm

PM10 cutting characteristics

Da50 = (10±0.5) μm σg = (1.5±0.1) μm

Inlet velocity


Sampling flow


Power supply

AC220V ± 10%,50Hz

Total Weight

About 3kg




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