WQC-24 Multiparameter Water Quality testing

Simultaneous measurement of up to 17 parameters including pH, DO, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, and salinity. The WQC-24 Water Quality Checker is a multi-parameter portable field instrument and sonde by DKK-TOA for measuring up to 11 of 17 available simultaneous water quality parameters.

Model WQC-24 Multiparameter Water Quality Meter (8~11 parameters plus water depth available)


  1. pH
  2. DO
  3. Conductivity
  4. Salt
  5. TDS
  6. Sea water SG
  7. Temperature
  8. Turbidity
  9. Depth
  10. ORP
  11. Fluoride ions
  12. Chloride ions
  13. Nitrate ions
  14. Calcium ions
  15. Potassium ions
  16. Ammonium ions
  17. Chlorophyll

WQC-24 Multiparameter Water Quality testing:

  • 35 Days Data Storage
  • Up to 11 Simultaneous Parameters
  • Up to 100m Depth
  • GPS Interface
  • PC Interface & Data Acquisition


The Model WQC-24 is the latest development in DKK-TOA’s range of multi-parameter water quality meters. The very latest technologies combined with more than 50 years experience have resulted in a compact, high performance and robust water quality monitoring system

The 45mm outer diameter sensor probe can provide measurement of up to 11 parameters simultaneously out of a total of 17 available parameters. The instrument also features an interface port for connection to a Global Positioning System (GPS), Local Area Network (LAN) printer or other communication peripherals.


  1. Standard 8 Parameters
  2. Max 11 Parameters out of 17 Available.
  3. Optional water depth sensor.
  4. Independent Sensor Memory/Logger.
  5. RS232 Interface for External Peripherals.
  6. Waterproof Meter (IP-67, Submersible).
  7. GPS Receiver Compatible
  8. Base configuration includes pH, DO. Turbidity, Temperature, Conductivity, Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids, and Specific gravity.
  9. Options for ORP, specific ions including nitrate, chloride, fluoride, calcium, potassium, and ammonia ion and chlorophyll.
  10. Measurement to a depth of 100 Meters is possible (standard 8 parameter probe).


Multiple Parameter Combinations:
The sensor probe can measure up to 11 parameters out of 17 available (pH, ORP, DO, EC, Turbidity, Temperature, Salinity, Total dissolved solids, Specific gravity and Water depth plus Chlorophyll and Ions of NO3 -, Cl-, F-, Ca2+, K+, NH4 +).

Newly Developed High Performance Sensors:
pH sensor is equipped with our patented “Strong” electrode which is far more robust than conventional glass electrodes while retaining excellent sensitivity. The DO sensor also has a patented design which allows it to function even under non-flowing conditions. Conventional DO electrodes require continuous sample flow to operate correctly.

Compact Sensor Probe:
45 mm outer diameter sensor probe fits into a 2-inch well.

Robust Sensor Probe:
Resisting Sea water & High Pressures. Sensor probe facilitates measurements as far as 100 meters below the water surface and up to max pressure of 1 MPa (excluding ion sensors).

Data Logging Storage Capacity:
Exceeds one month. Built-in memory stores measured data for 35 days of continuous measurements (based on measurement every 15 minutes). The probe section can be disconnected from the meter and will continue to measure and record data. This data can be retrieved by the meter when the sensor cable is reconnected and then transferred to a personal computer in csv format.

Flexible Interface Port:
Compatible with Global Positioning System (GPs)
An interface port is available for connection to GPs, Printer, RS-232C, LAN, Cellular phone or other data communication peripherals


Meter Section (Includes 2m Sensor Connecting Cable)

Code WQC24-1-0
Display LCD Digital
Waterproof Construction IP67 (JIS C 0920) Immersion proof (assuming cable is connected)
RS-232C Standard feature (non isolated when using with printer or GPS unit)
Analog Output (common) DC 0~1V, 3 points non-isolated:

channels 1 & 2: outputs two selected parameters,  channel 3: outputs the conductivity range

Open Collector Output (common) Alarm output: 1 point, DC 36V, 100mA or less

Measurement timing output: 1 point, DC 36V, 100mA or less

Power Source 2 x AA size dry batteries or exclusive AC adapter (option)
Outline Dimensions (excluding projections) Approx. 187.5 (L) x 37.5 (H) x 75 (W) mm
Weight (excluding batteries) Approx. 320g
Operating Temperature Range 0~50 deg C

Meter and Sensor Module Combinations


Code Description
WQC24-1-0 Main meter section only (with 2m cable)
WQC24-1-1 Standard sensor module + meter (with 2m cable)
WQC24-1-2 Standard + ion sensor module + meter (with 2m cable)
WQC24-1-3 Standard + chlorophyll sensor module + meter (with 2m cable)
WQC24-1-4 Standard sensor module (with water depth sensor) + meter (with

2m cable)

WQC24-1-5 Standard + ion sensor module (with water depth sensor) +

meter (with 2m cable)

WQC24-1-6 Standard + chlorophyll sensor module (with water depth sensor)

+ meter (with 2m cable)


Sensor Modules Only

Code Description
WMS24-1-00 Standard sensor module
WMS24-1-10 Standard + ion sensor module
WMS24-1-20 Standard + chlorophyll sensor module
WMS24-1-01 Standard + chlorophyll sensor module (with water depth sensor)
WMS24-1-11 Standard + ion sensor module (with water depth sensor)
WMS24-1-21 Standard + chlorophyll sensor module (with water depth sensor)

NOTES: (1) Connection cables and ion/ORP electrodes must be purchased sepearately, please refer to the items described below. (2) One reference electrode chip is required for each ion/ORP sensor used. (3) Ammonia sensor is a complete unit and does not require seperate purchase of reference electrode.



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