Vortex Mixer Centrifuge


Laboratory Vortex Mixer Centrifuge

Product Details

Brief Introduction:

The MIX-28/MIX-28+ vortex mixer is a test tube oscillator focused on the inching function. The compact and compact design puts it down and the triggering start switch is safe and convenient, making it one of the essential tools in the laboratory.


  1. The maximum diameter of the oscillating vessel is 30mm, which can be used for oscillating test tubes and centrifuge tubes, and the mixing effect is significant.
  2. The shell and test tube base are made of plastic, which is resistant to chemical corrosion, thickened base, and placed more firmly.
  3. The integrated 12V low voltage power converter is more light and convenient.

Technical Parameters:

Model TR-MIX-28 TR-MIX-28+
Oscillation method Circular oscillation
Turnover diameter 4.5 mm
Oscillation (1 test tube) Max. 50 ml
Motor input/output power 1.2 W / 0.8 W
Oscillation speed 2800/ 4000 rpm start-2800/ start-4000 rpm
Voltage power AC90-230V /15W
Overall dimension Φ110*80 mm 110*126*80 mm
NW 1.15 kg 1.2 kg
GW 1.4 kg 1.4 kg




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