Visiable Spectrophotometer


TR-VS-721N Visiable Spectrophotometer

Attemptation scope:

721N Spectrophotometer can quantitatively analyze material content in the range of visible spectral to many institutions.It is a kind of routine testing equipment in industries of the steel smelting, food testing, environmental monitoring, universities, paper electroplating, printing and dyeing, and electric power.


  • Wavelength range ( 335-1000) nm, wildly used.
  • Built-in Single-Chip coumputer, high automaticity instrument, automaticly adjust 0%(τ), automaticly adjust 100%(τ) and zero tolerance τ-A switching, more handy than the original 721 model.
  • LED digital display
  • 4 modes of measurement: transmittance (T), absorbance (A), direct reading of concentration (C) and confficient determination (F), completely comply with testing requests.
  • Advanced optical system,superior C-T model monochromator’s beamsplitter highly optimize these indexs :resolution, photometric accuracy, stray light.
  • Appropriative precision presetting lamp or a lamp holder. Our users don’t need to readjust light path when changing the lamp. It will be more handy for our users.
  • Sample room is made of special engineering plastic bearing solvent and strong sour alkali. In the bottom side installed a removable a container for liquid to meet needs of some of our users.
  • Staphylococcus tetragenus , 10-50 mm cuvette can be used
  • Insulated plastic shell, small volume, light in weight, good figure.






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