722N Visiable Spectrophotometer


722N Visiable Spectrophotometer


  • Uses microprocessor control technology, the UV-visible region of the spectrum of the material for the qualitative and quantitative analysis, is essential multipurpose routine laboratory analytical instruments.
  • The use of advanced holographic blazed grating monochromator with a wavelength of high accuracy, good color, and low stray light.
  • Large screen with backlit LCD display, browse the measurement data at a glance.
  • Using computer measuring system, TA conversion of high precision, and automatic adjustment 0% T and adjust 100% T, concentration factor setting, concentration direct reading.
  • Readings of high accuracy, good reproducibility and good stability.
  • Optional serial printer and used in conjunction with software UVWin7 expand the use of the instrument function.
  • UVWin7 software package (optional choose).




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