Vacuum Pump Series TR-V20



Vacuum Pump Series

Vacuum Pump Series TR-V20
Perfect design and performance

Constantly pursuing on highest technology norms, SH Scientific V series vacuum pump reached new highest level: cylinder structure and innovative oil circulation system results in super stability; auto anti-sucking back valve and two shifts gas ballast makes best reliability;
Perfect combination of technology and aesthetics helps to become classic.

•Tow-Shift adjustable gas ballast valve satis- fies different requirements of condensable vapor(such as water vapor) to be exhausted out of pump in different processes.
•Dual protection of oil anti-sucking back ensures vacuum system from oil pollution when pump stops running and needs to be easily restarted.
•Forced oil circulation system consisted of oil pump and constant pressure oil supply mechanism ensures stable running of the pump.
•Less components are used, easy to maintain and repair.

Specification Vacuum Pump Series TR-V20

Model TR-V20
Pumping Speed 132L/min
Ultimate total pressure gas ballast close(Pa) 5×10-1Pa
Ultimate total pressure gas ballast open(Pa) 3
Intake and exhaust DN(mm) KF 16/25
Oil capacity(L) 0.6~1.0
Ambient temperature(℃) 5-40
Noise level(dB) ≤56
Power supply 220V/60Hz

Flow Rate Characteristic

Vacuum Pump TR-V20

Dimension Vacuum Pump Series TR-V20

Vacuum Pump Series TR-V20



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