-40⁰C Upright Freezer 328 Liter

Ambient Temperature (°C): 10~32°C
Temperature Range (°C): -10~40℃
Dimensions W*D*H (mm): 606×575×1180
Capacity (L): 328 Liter
Electrical:  220/50 Hz
Sensor: PT-100
Power(W): 300 Watt
Current(A): 1.6 Ampere



1. -40 º C Lab & Medical Deep Freezer
To store biological products or physical and chemical materials which need special temperature preservation, such as blood plasma, vaccine, reagent, etc.
Suitable for hospitals, blood stations, health immune systems, chemical and military industries, electronics, animal husbandry, university laboratories, pelagic fishery industries and other areas.
2. Temperature Control
Microprocessor-based temperature controller, -10 º C~-40 º C can be set freely, digital temperature display.
High and low temperature alarms, set as needed.
Temperature calibration function of high resolution, set point can be adjusted to proofread

3. Safety
Alarms: high or low temperature alarms, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm
Two alarm styles: buzzing, flashing
Password protection on thermostat to avoid set parameter randomly
4. Humanized Design
Wide voltage range, from 187 V to 242 V
Big screen digital display, easy to read
Safety door lock avoid door open randomly
5. Refrigerating System
Imported compressor, environmental non-CFC refrigerant with high efficiency
Thick and high density foam layer, VIP vacuum insulation panel
Excellent refrigerating system design, fast refrigerate with low power dissipation
Good temperature uniformity of 40°C ± 1.5 °C
Air-cooled condenser, ensure good heating dissipation, in addition more freezers can be placed side by side.
6. Structure Design
Overall color sprayed outside and stainless steel inside (shelf optional), never rusts
Independent insulated door storage, won’t affect other units
Adjustable shelves, easy to put and take storage stuff
Double-sealing outside door, independent small door inside, ensured good thermal insulation


ShelfNdrawer Shelves
Cooling method Direct cooling
Defrost Manual
Refrigerant R290
Power consumption(kWh/24h) 4
Noise(db) 48
Ambient temperature(℃) 10~32℃
Temperature range(℃) ·-30~-40℃
Cooling system Compressor brand QTY CUBIGEL/1
Condenser Wire tube
Sensor NTC
Temperature controller Microprocessor
Display Digital display
Power Voltage/frequency(V/Hz) 220/50 Hz
Power(W) 300W
Current(A) 1.6
Material Inside material Color sprayed steel
Outside material Color sprayed steel
Insulation PURF
Size Capacity(L) 328
NT./GT.(kg) 113/131
Exterior size(W*D*H)(mm) 673×676×1886
Interior size(W*D*H)(mm) 508×455×1393
Package size(W*D*H)(mm) 770×770×2040
Alarm High/low temperature Y
Power failure Y
Sensor error Y
Filter screen check N
Temperature controller  failure Y
Low battery N
Condenser clean N
High ambient temperature N
Door ajar Y
Accessories Foot Y
Castor Y
Inside door Y
Test hole QTY/diameter Optional
USB port N
Power failure backup system(alarm) 8h
Remote alarm port Y
Other Certification ISO9001,13485,14001,CE


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