Ultra Pure Water System -10L

Main body (1 set of filter cartridge)+10 liters pressure tank

  • Feed water Potable tap water : TDS<200ppm, 5-40℃,1.0~5.0Kg/cm2
  • Output (Tank is empty, 25℃): 10 liter/hour
  • Flow rate (Tank is full): 1.8 liter/min (with pressure tank)
  • UP water resistivity: 18.20MΩ-cm@25℃
  • Heavy metal ion: <0.1ppb
  • TOC: <5ppb
  • Microbe (Bacteria): <0.1CFU/ml
  • Particles(>0.2μm) : <1/ml
  • RNases : <0.01ng/ml
  • DNases : <4pg/μl
  • Outlet: RO water ,UP water
  • Pretreatment Column
  • 75GPD RO membrane filter
  • Ultrapure column
  • Terminal filter
  • Double (254 & 185 nm) Wavelength UV lamp



  1. Biochemical analysis of chemical reagents
  2. Buffer conventional physical and chemical detection
  3. Physical and chemical testing and other conventional qualitative and quantitative analysis
  4. Atomic absorption (AA)
  5. Atomic emission (AES)
  6. High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  7. Ion chromatography (IC)
  8. Mass spectrometry (MC)
  9. Plasma emission spectroscopy (ICP) and other instrumental analysis
  10. Organic and inorganic trace analysis
  11. Molecular biology,
  12. Microbiology
  13. PCR analysis
  14. Cell culture
  15. Cell and cultivation medium preparation
  16. Monoclonal antibody production
  17. Gel electrophoresis


  1. Feed water Potable tap water : TDS<200ppm, 5-40℃,1.0~5.0Kg/cm2
  2. Output (Tank is empty, 25℃): 10 liter/hour
  3. Flow rate (Tank is full): 1.8 liter/min (with pressure tank)
  4. UP water resistivity: 18.20MΩ-cm@25℃
  5. Heavy metal ion: <0.1ppb
  6. TOC: <5ppb
  7. Microbe (Bacteria): <0.1CFU/ml
  8. Particles(>0.2μm) : <1/ml
  9. RNases : <0.01ng/ml
  10. DNases : <4pg/μl
  11. Outlet: RO water ,UP water
  12. RO water quality: Ion rejection rate: >98% (New RO membrane)
  13. Organic rejection rate: >99%
  14. Particles and bacteria rejection rate: >99%
  15. Device Dimension/weight: LXWXH:380X510X550mm/ about30Kg
  16. Electric supply: 220V,50-60Hz, 50W
  17. Environmental temperature : 5℃~45℃
  18. Relative humidity : 20%~80%


  1. LCD controlling system, intuitively display the system running state and various parameters.
  2. 2 way online water quality sensor, RO water, deionized water, or ultrapure water respectively. And warn once water quality´s standard exceeding
  3. 2 way flow sensor, achieve quantified dispensing of RO water, deionized water, or ultrapure water. ○ System sanitizing procedure, achieve the disinfection of ultrapure water´s tube and valve.
  4. System circulation function, achieve ultrapure water´s circulation to keep top quality of ultrapure water.
  5. All Cartridges replacing alarm function, based on time, or water quality, show cartridges´ used and residual life.
  6. Multiple alarm function: no feed water, full water, water quality´s standard exceeding, and cartridge life ending.
  7. Auto self-flushing of RO membrane function (interval and continuous time setting), extend RO membrane´s life.
  8. Auto running data storing function with built-in SD card, and data can be exported through the USB interface.
  9. Comprehensive Information query and management function, water quality, cartridges usage and alarm information.
  10. System time setting (year/month/day/hour/minute), timing standby (0-60 minute), and timing shutdown (0-24 hour) function.
  11. Level II password, protect all the parameters setting, and prohibit any unauthorized setting change.
  12. 2 kind of pure water tank (sterile water tank and pressure tank). Also external tanks is optional.
  13. Whole plastic shell with high-strength, avoid rusting and keep clean, to meet GLP standard.
  14. 2 door and easy-to-replacing cartridge design, convenient to maintain system and replace cartridges.
  15. Tube and adapter with NSF authorization and top quality, reduce TOC level and assure ultrapure water´s quality.
  16. RO module with DOW´s membrane, ensure long life, stable operation and high desalinization rate.
  17. DOW´s top polishing resin, ensure ultrapure water´s quality up to 18.2 MΩ.cm, with the lowest TOC level.
  18. Double wavelength (185&254nm) ultraviolet lamp module, restrain bacteria´s increase and reduce TOC.
  19. 5000D ultrafiltration module, effectively eliminate endotoxin, and suitable for precise cell cultivating and IVF.
  20. Terminal disinfection filter, assure that terminal pure


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