TR-TOC600 total organic carbon analyzer is an analytical instrument independently developed and produced for measuring the concentration of total organic carbon in water samples. It can detect water samples with TOC concentration ranging from 0.1 µ g/L to 1500.0 µ g/L, with high sensitivity, accuracy and good stability. This analyzer widely meets the requirements of customers. The software is easy to operate and can quickly conduct sample analysis, analyzer calibration and inspection.


Working principle: TR-TOC600 total organic carbon analyzer uses UV lamp to oxidize slowly flowing water sample, and obtains the TOC value of water sample through the change of conductivity before and after oxidation. Under the action of the peristaltic pump, the water sample enters the Teflon pipeline, passes through the electrode, the quartz spiral tube and the second electrode in turn, and is discharged from the waste liquid tube. During the detection, the conductivity values of the two sensors are collected at the same time to obtain G1 and G2. The organic matter in the water sample generates CO2 under the action of the dual UV lamp, and the conductivity increases. The corresponding total organic carbon is obtained through the difference (G2-G1).

Scope of application

  1. Laboratory offline testing of water for injection and purified water in pharmaceutical industry;
  2. TOC online monitoring of water system in pharmaceutical industry;
  3. Ultrapure water preparation system and wafer process in semiconductor industry;
  4. Preparation process of deionized water for power plant

Product parameters

  1. TOC detection range: 0.1 μ g/L~1500.0ug/L
  2. TOC detection accuracy: 0.1 μ G/L (conductivity<1.0uS/cm)
  3. Detectable items: TOC, conductivity, temperature
  4. Conductivity detection range: 0.055-6.000uS/cm
  5. TOC accuracy error: ≤± 5%
  6. Repeatability error: ≤ 3%
  7. Response time: within 15 min
  8. Sample temperature: 0~100 ℃
  9. Zero drift: ± 2%/D
  10. Range drift


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