Thermal Shock Chamber 3 Zones

Thermal shock chambers are used in all industries to help find product defects in electronic components and product assemblies. Aerospace and more.



Model TR-TSC3-50 TR-TSC3-80 TR-TSC3-100 TR-TSC3-150
Capacity 50 liters 80 liters 100 liters 150 liters
Internal Size WDH 350 ×350 ×400mm 400×400×500mm 500×400×500mm 600×500×500mm
Internal Size WDH 1470 ×1420 ×1830mm 1520×1470×1830mm 1620×1470×1830mm 1720×1570×1830mm
Temp Shock Range -40ºC~+150ºC
Temp Conversion Time 5 min (Temperature Shock Time)
Pre-heat Temp Range +50 ~ +170ºC (Adjustable)
Pre-cold Temp Range -10 ~ -55ºC (Adjustable)
Control Accuracy ±0.2ºC
Temp Fluctuation ±0.5ºC
Temp Uniformity ±2.0ºC
Heating Rate 2 ~ 3ºC/ min
Cooling Rate 1ºC/ min
Controller 7.0 inch program touch screen controller, RS232/485 port, USB data port + English computer software
Internal Material SUS304 mirror stainless steel
External Material SUS304 brushed stainless steel (Color paint is free if need)
Insulation Material Polyurethane foam (PU foam)
Protection Over-temperature protection, Over-temperature of compressor protection, Power phases protection.
Cooling Way Water cooling (Standard with water cooling tower)
Sensor Temperature: PT100
Power Supply 380 ~ 415V, 50Hz, 3-phases
Warranty 1 Tahun
Standards Water cooling tower×1, Shelf×2, Wheel caster×4, User manual×1, Controller manual×1, 100mm test hole×1


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