Temperature and Humidity Incubator



Temperature and Humidity Incubator

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The Constant temperature and humidity incubator has the precise temperature and humidity controlling system,it can provide all kinds of simulate environment situation for industry researching, biology technical testing. It also can be widely used for the following field such as medicine, textile, foodstuff processing asepsis test, stability inspection, and the testing of the material performance of the industry product, product packing and product life-span.


1、The show is LCD display,shows the value of accurate and intuitive, superior performance.

2、Illuminate equipment is set in the workroom,and big visual angle temperature protection vacuum toughened glass is asopted in order to observe easily.

3、The number of the shelves and the height between the shelves can be set according to the customer’s demands.

4、Independent ultra-high temperature protection equipment and working state hint make the user more safety and reliable.

5、Humidifying system adopts advanced ultrasonic humidifying.

6、Use of environmentally friendly cfr-free refrigeration cooling airflow.


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