Surface Tension Tester

Automatic interfacial tension test equipment is based on platinum ring method to achieve accurate measurement of liquid surface tension, meeting with ASTM D971. It integrates many advanced technologies and is widely used in chemical, petroleum, electric power, railway, research etc.
(Platinum ring method is a traditional testing method which has been about 70 years. It is made of platinum wire with a diameter of 0.37mm to make a ring with circumference of 60mm. In the test, the platinum ring dips into the liquid surface (or interface two kinds of non mixing liquid ) by 2-3mm, and then slowly lift the platinum ring up, and there will form a film between the ring and the liquid surface


In order to measure surface tension at various points in the life of a liquid, a surface tension meter is used to directly measure the surface tension of a liquid.


Display mode: 10 inch 65K(Resolution 800*600 Color LCD

touch screen display

Measurement mode: The principle of platinum ring method
Platinum ring radius: R9.55 Platinum wire 0.3
Measuring range: 0-400mN/m.
Sensitivity: 0.01mN/m
Accuracy: ±0.01mN/m
Self Checking Function: Automatic diagnosis of instrument failure
Temperature Compensation: Automatic temperature compensation
Power Consumption: < 40W
Size: 440*190*350mm
Using Environment: Temperature 10°C-40°C,Humidity ‹80%
Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50HZ±2.5HZ
Weight: About 7.5 KG


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