Solvent Recovery System 13mbar-25L/min

  1. Ultimate vacuum range:13mbar. Max. Flow rate:25L/min
  2. Build in Pump Type: TRANALABC410
  3. Power (W): 95
  4. Ultimate Vacuum (mbar): 13
  5. Max. Flow Rate (l/min): 25
  6. Outlet Size (outer diameter in mm): 10
  7. Weight (kg): 12.5
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Solvent Recovery Systems

This chemistry vacuum system has a wide range of applications like evacuation, evaporation and pumping of gases and vapors in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical laboratories. This system is ideal for high vacuum requirements with high boiling solvents. Typical applications are rotary evaporators and drying ovens.
The separator at the inlet (AK), made of glass with a protective coating, retains particles and liquid droplets.
The waste vapor condenser at the outlet (EK) is highly efficient and compact. The condenser enables efficient recycling of solvents and active protection of the environment outstanding chemical resistance and superior vapor tolerance

  • Exceptionally high performance even at low vacuum
  • Excellent ultimate vacuum even with gas ballast
  • Whisper quiet and very low vibration
  • Excellent environmental friendliness due to efficient solvent recovery
  • Sealed system to enable a good distillation environment
  • Precise control of the evaporation process
  • Compact and environmental friendly design
  • Low noise
  • Buffer bottle prevents particles from damaging the pump
  • Direct electric connection
  • Ultimate vacuum range: 13 mbar
  • Flow rate range: 25 L/min



Solvent Recovery Systems

Build in Pump Type TRANALAB-C410
Power (W) 95
Ultimate Vacuum (mbar) 13
Max. Flow Rate (l/min) 25
Outlet Size (outer diameter in mm) 10
Weight (kg) 12.5
Hubungi Kami 081270868021

The system contains:

Chemical resistant diaphragm pump 、Separator 、Condenser 、Set of tubing 、Casing

Specific parameters will be adjusted according to product upgrades, without notice.


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