Shaking Incubator 246 Liter

ㆍAdjustable Shelves are on upper part, shakers are on bottom
ㆍStable Working on 20 RPM
ㆍDigital PID Controller
ㆍTrustworthy Safety Device
ㆍAvailable various volume of Flask and Tubes
ㆍLED Light Bank
ㆍ10 Step Program for Temperature
ㆍAvailable high height of Flask


  1. Test condition can be set easily by PID Controller is focus on Customer’s convenience and expediency,
  2. High Precision incubation is available by Auto-Tuning function.
  3. High efficiency test can be possible by trustworthy safety device


Description Shaking Incubator-246 Liter PID Controller
Temp. Control Digital PID Controller
Temp. Range 10℃ to 60℃
Speed Range 20 ~ 350 RPM
Display LED Display
Motor Brushless DC Motor
Circulation Fan 5” Convection Fan × 2EA
Dimension (in) 520 × 600 × 790(H)mm ( Working Space ), 246Liter
Dimension(out) 890 × 850 × 1,565(H)mm
Door Silicone Packing Door with Window
Safety Device Over Temp. Protector, Door Detector
Shelf 1EA, Adjustable Type
Weight 126kg
Power 220V, 1.2KW, 60Hz
Standard Plate Flat Form Plate
Description-1 Light Bank Model
Light Bank LED Bar x 4EA
Light Control 24Hr. Photoperiod Program
Description-2 Programmable  Model
Temp. Controller 10 Step Programmable Controller

Plate Options:

  1. 100ml Flask 36EA
  2. 250ml Flask 25EA
  3. 500ml Flask 16EA
  4. 1000ml Flask 9EA
  5. 2000ml Flask 9EA
  6. Flat-form Plate 450x450mm
  7. Spring Rack 450x450mm


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