Shaking Incubator



Shaking Incubator



Combining a benchtop incubator/refrigerator with a dual-action (orbital and reciprocating) shaker, WS series shakers offer versatility for a variety of biological and biotech applications.

Shaking Features
* Dual shaking modes: orbital or reciprocating action.
* Speed range: 10 to 300 rpm.
* Programmable shaking motion.
– Timer range: 10 sec to 999 hr 59 min 59 sec.
– Forward & Backward, Pause: 10 sec to 59 min 59 sec.
* Selectable orbit diameter or stroke length: 20, 30, 40mm.
* Operating Features
* Temperature control:
* +5℃ above ambient to 60℃ . (for WS-300 and WS-600)
* +15℃ to 60℃ . (for WS-300R and WS-600R)
* Microprocessor PID control.
* Simple calibration and auto-tuning functions.
* Digital timer with Delayed ON/OFF function: 1 min to 99 hr 59 min.
* High temperature limit setting and open door alarm.
* Convenient preset function for 3 most commonly used temperature settings.
* Up to 9 temperature steps and maximum 200 cycles of repetition programmable for each pro_le.
* Adjustable 3-step fan speed with defrosting time and period control.
* Intuitive control panel with bright LED display (0.1℃ resolution) and touch-sensitive keypad.
* RS-232 interface.

Optional Accessories
* Universal / Dedicated Platforms, Rubber Mats, Universal Attachments
* Flask Clamps, Funnel Clamps
* Test Tube Racks, Spring Wire Racks
* Microplate Holders (three styles)
* Lab Sticker

Constructional Features
* Maintenance-free and durable BLDC motor.
* High-velocity fan ensuring uniform temperature distribution and rapid thermal recovery.
* Convenient sample monitoring thanks to the transparent acryl lid and the _uorescent lamp.
* Gas spring lid supports providing soft closing, smooth motion, and stopping.
* Environment-friendly CFC-free refrigerant.




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