Sample Splitter

sample splitter allows a representative sample to be separated from a bulk quantity without changing its properties. Using the proper splitter can help you reduce variability in the lab significantly.

Type: 18 Grid second flow device /Sample Splitter



The Sample Splitter is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant provisions of  “Methods of preparing coal samples”, with a slope of not less than 60° for the grating and other slopes. Made of stainless steel, the structure is reasonable and easy to use, with a multi-point reduction function, the reduction accuracy meets the standard requirements and improves the efficiency of sample preparation. It is mainly used for the preparation of coal or other granular material specimens.


  1. Medium/size 2
  2. Size reduction: ≤6 mm
  3. Groove width: 18 mm
  4. Number of slots: 18 Grid second flow device /Sample Splitter


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