KNF Rotary evaporator RC900

KNF Rotary evaporator RC 900
Designed for everyday use, and tailored to practical needs. The RC 900 makes rotary evaporation far simpler and safer. Reliability, operational safety and precision come as standard with the RC 900.
Sleek design, minimum footprint:
The RC 900 takes up very little space and offers maximum ease of use
Whisper quiet for a pleasant working environment
The lift and rotation of the RC 900 are virtually silent
Versatile use, simple operation
The system offers central remote control for all functions, and operation via touchscreen and control knob
Further advantages

  1. Central remote control for all functions
  2. Fast and easy change of the lask
  3. Automatic lift up of the lask in case of power outage
  4. Operating display of heating bath
  5. Operation (Rotary evaporator): heating
  6. Heating capacity Rotary Evaporator: 1300 W
  7. Height adjustment Rotary Evaporator: 150 mm
  8. Product weight: 9,10 Kg


KNF Rotary Evaporator RC 900
Electrical Parameters
Nominal voltage [V] 100 – 127
200 – 240
Frequency [Hz] 50 – 60
Heating output [W] 1300
Max. watt consumption [W] 1500
Maximum operating current [A]
100 – 127 V
200 – 240 V
Protection class IP 20
Heating Bath
Heating bath temperature [°C] 20 – 180
Coolant Supply Parameters (Chilled Condenser)
Permissible pressure [bar] 3
Permissible temperature [°C] -15 bis +20
Coolant-coated surface [cm²] 1230
Parameters of Evaporation Flask
Size of evaporation lask [ml] 50 – 3000
Rotational speed of evaporation lask [1/min] 25 – 250
Length of stroke [mm] 150
Lifting speed [mm/s] 38
Other data
Total weight [kg] 9.1
Dimensions W x H x D [mm]:
– without glass (footprint)
– with glass
431 x 464 x 447
487 x 823 x 447
Vacuum, coolant, and reill connections GL14
Maximum altitude of installation [m above sea level] 2000


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