Rotary Evaporator RC600


  1. RC 600
  2. Pressure (max.): 3 bar (rel.)
  3. Outstandingly easy to use
  4. Simple control system
  5. Small footprint
  6. Innovative flask exchange system

The RC 600 Rotary Evaporator provides a user-friendly interface while saving valuable lab bench space with its small footprint. The electric lift allows for easy and safe operation. Among its many features are simple flask exchange, cordless bath and choice of a recirculating condenser or dry ice cold finger.


Rotary Evaporator RC600
Rotary Evaporator RC600

PT.TRIAS NATHOMI CHEMINDO  is proud to provide KNF rotary evaporation solutions to customers worldwide. KNF was founded in 1946 in Switzerland and is a leading manufacturer of high quality rotary lab evaporators.

Rotary evaporators work by rotating the sample, thus coating the inside of the flask with solvent to increase the surface area available for evaporation which is further sped up through the application of vacuum and heat.

KNF’s rotary evaporators are ideal for evaporating large volume samples in up to a 3 L flask. The RC 600 model incorporates several features to ease pain points and improve user experience.

The RC 600 was designed specifically to meet the needs of educational laboratories. The evaporator is highly intuitive and easy-to-use, making it ideal for settings where multiple users must be able to quickly learn a new instrument.

Each evaporator comes standard with 1L evaporation and collection flasks. Additional flask sizes are available between 50 mL and 3 L; please contact us for more information. For users switching frequently between different flask sizes, a memory function saves the evaporation flask’s current immersion depth and rotation speed to reduce setup time. The evaporation flask easily locks into place, eliminating the risk of frozen joints. Simply push the flask into place until you hear the locking mechanism click. To remove the flask, you only need to lift the fastening clip.


  1. Motorized lift raises and lowers the system with a push of a button
  2. Water bath detaches to simplify cleaning
  3. Whisper-quiet operation
  4. Easy release mechanism prevents frozen joints


  1. Vacuum controller (Cat# VC 900)
  2. Cold finger condenser
  3. Bump trap


Instrumental Name RC 600
Dimensions Without Glass
(w x d x h)
17 x 18 x 18.5 in
431 x 453 x 464 mm
Dimensions With Glass (w x d x h) 19 x 18 x 32.5 in
487 x 453 x 823 mm
Weight 20 lbs
Evaporation Flask Size 1 L standard
50 mL to 3 L optional
Rotational Speed 25 – 250 rpm
Display Type LCD
Wireless No


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