Portable Suction Unit (Aspirator)

BioVac 235, Ultimate Vacuum: 100 mbar;
Max. Flow Rate: 35 l/min

Double over flow protection
A built-in ‑float switch plus 0.2 μm PTFE hydrophobic disc ­filter between suction bottle and
pump prevent the medium and bacteria from ‑owing into the pump.


Application Areas

  1. Biochemical cultivation
  2. Separation of culture fluids
  3. Waste liquid suction in cell cultivation
  4. All kinds of waste liquid suction in laboratory environments


  • Waste bottle and disc filter are autoclavable.
  • Whole unit is mode of of ABS plastic and aluminum alloy.
  • Various precision elements are developed, and assembled through long time test.
  • Twin diaphragm pump design low noise, wear resistele, non-potlution, and free maintenance.



Model BioVac 235
Vacuum Creation Method Piston Pump
Power (W) 25
Ultimate Vacuum (mbar) 100
Max. Flow Rate (l/min) 35
Foot Switch
Weight (kg) 6.9
Dimensions (cm) 27 × 30× 28
Suction bottle 1500mL X 2
Supporting Bio-Suction Kit Single-branch stainless steel suction head

Jakarta : Telp: 021-62302799


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