PolyPen Aqua EPA 210


PolyPen-Aqua PA 210 is a portable, handheld and reasonably priced spectrophotometer intended for measuring spectra in suspensions. It can be used favorably in a wide range of applications – biotechnology, limnology, ecology, molecular biology, chemistry, forensic science etc. The device is convenient both for standard laboratory work and for field work, well using its inbuilt GPS unit. The PolyPen-Aqua measures absorbance and transmittance spectra based on a single beam method; detection range is 380 – 790 nm. The device is equipped with an internal light source – Xenon incandescent lamp.

PolyPen-Aqua PA 210
PolyPen-Aqua PA 210

PolyPen-Aqua can be used as an autonomous instrument. It is powered by an inbuilt Li-Ion rechargeable battery and thus it does not require a PC or any other bulky accessory for its operation. Measured spectra are instantly displayed in graphs or data sheets on the device touch screen. Full spectra information is stored in the device memory for later re-analysis in a PC. The important part of the PA 210 package is the control software. It allows user-friendly, online control of the device as well as measured data saving, uploading and further processing in a PC. Definition of custom calculated parameters based on measured spectra is also possible.

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of liquids and solutions
Growth monitoring of autotrophic and heterotrophic microorganisms
Vital spectra of cell suspensions
Pigment composition
Protein analysis
Absorbance spectrum, calculated using following formula
I0 is reference light intensity and I is measured light intensity
Transmittance spectrum, calculated using following formula
T= I/ I0
I0 is reference light intensity and I is measured light intensity
Optical density measurement at 600 nm, 680 nm, 720 nm, and 750 nm
Custom defined calculation
Online control of the PolyPen-Aqua device
GPS mapping plug-in
Visualization of complete spectra as well as the table of calculated parameters
Calculation of custom indices possible
Different operation modes: scope, absorbance, transmittance
Different tools: zoom, marker, auto scale, curve smoothing
Data browsing and data averaging
Data transfer routines to Microsoft Excel
SpectraPen 1.1 software (Windows, XP, or higher compatible)


  1. Control and Data Unit for Handheld Devices Small, portable notebook (type according to current availability on the market).
  2. Set of 10 Cuvettes for PolyPen-Aqua Set of ten plastic 4 ml cuvettes used in the PolyPen-Aqua.


Spectral range380nm-790nm(PA210 UVIS)
Spectral range640nm-1050nm (PA210 NIR
Spectral response half width8nm
Spectral straylight-30 dB
Scanning speedAbout 100 ms
Dynamic rangeHigh gain: 1 :4,300
Low gain: 1 :13,000
Size of aperture7 mm
TypeLi-Ion rechargeable battery
Capacity2600 mAh
Max. charging current0.5 A
ChargingVia USB port - PC, power bank, USB charger, etc.
Battery life48 hours typical with full operation
Low battery indicator
Sample holder4 ml cuvette
DisplayTouchscreen 240 x 320 pixel; 65535 colors
Built in GPS moduleUltra-high sensitivity down to -165dBm
High accuracy of <1.5 m in 50% of trials
Size150 x 75 x 40 mm
Weight300 g
Operating conditionsTemperature: 0 to +55 °C
Relative humidity: 0 to 95 % (non-condensing)
Storage conditionsTemperature: -1 Oto +60 °C
Relative humidity: 0 to 95 % (non-condensing)


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