Plasma Sterilizer – Benchtop Type

Plasma Sterilizer – Benchtop Type, Sterilizing in Low Temperature with H2O2




with Movable Stand option

Cost Saving
After sterilization, medical equipment can be used immediately. This increases the number of use per day
as well as reducing your inventory cost and maintenance
멸균 후 장비를 바로 사용할 수 있어 하루 사용 가능 횟수를
Strong performance is proved by EN13060/EN867-5
Lumen Test under a critical condition as below:
– Flexible Lumen: 1Ø x 12,000 mm
– Stainless Steel Lumen: 1Ø x 1,000 mm
– Single through Lumen: 1Ø x 1,500 mm

Plasma Sterilizer is suitable for sterilization of medical instruments that are weak at high temperature, steam, and pressure such as expensive surgical endoscopes, catheters, electric surgical instruments with motor.

Environment Friendly
With environment friendly design, it leaves H2O and O2 only after sterilization. This is harmless to users and environment by discharging oxygen and water only.

Sterilization Cycle:

CYCLEQuick (30 min.) Standard (40 min.)Intense (50 min.) Vacuum Test
Flexible Lumen (PTFE)-1Ø X 1,500 mm1Ø X 12,000 mm-
Stainless Steel Lumen-1Ø X 500 mm1Ø X 1,000 mm-
Single through Lumen (PFTE)-2Ø X 500 mm2Ø X 1,500 mm-
ApplicationFor surface of metal medical instruments without lumen excluding implant kinds For general medical instruments without lumen or below 500mm of lumenFor medical instruments with lumenFor testing vacuum leakage


DIMENSI (wxdxh)mmINNER285 X 700 X 285
EXTERIOR685 X 885 X 900
VolumeLiter56 Liter
Sterilizing Agent50% Concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide
MaterialInnerStainless Steel 304
OuterStainless Steel 304
Standard AccessoryStainless Steel Wire Tray x 2 EA
Electric Supply220 V, 60 Hz or 230 V, 50 Hz, 1 Phase


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