Petroleum Cloud Point and Pour Point Tester

The instrument for determining pour point, cloud point, condensation point and cold filter point of petroleum products is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements stipulated in ASTM D97, GB/T 510 “Determination of pour point of petroleum products” and GB/T 3535 “Determination of pour point of petroleum products”, which are suitable for the determination of pour point and condensation point of petroleum products.


  1. Control mode: Embedded system temperature control, large screen LCD display.
  2. Refrigeration system: cascade refrigeration, cooling fast.
  3. Metal bath cooling, fast cooling rate, stable temperature.
  4. The sample is tilted with the bath to reduce the temperature loss of the moving sample.
  5. Small size, easy operation, no need for alcohol and other cooling media.
  6. Dual-hole function, which can test tilting point and condensation point without interfering with each other.
  7. It has an inclinable 45 degree bath and bracket, display function and second reading function, and the control system is stable.



Input power 900W
Power supply AC220V + 10% 50HZ
Temperature         Control


Room Temperature to – 70°C
Constant        temperature accuracy ±0.1°C
Cooling time ≤20 min
Effective size of cold bath 200 x 90 x 120 (mm)
Cold bath mode metal bath refrigeration


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