The instrument is designed and made as per the standards GB/T4509 Standard Test Method for Penetration of Bitumen, T0604 Bitumen Penetration Test in the standard JTG E20-2011
Specifications and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering and ASTM D5.
The instrument is suitable to determine the penetration of asphalt, paraffin and grease.

A penetrometer is a device used for measuring the compaction of soil. The device is occasionally also used for measuring the density of other materials, such as pharmaceuticals and food.



  1. Using high precision temperature controller, the temperature setting is convenient and the temperature control precision is high.
  2. Equipped with cold light source and magnifying glass, easy to use and operate.
  3. Equipped with penetration display, the data is stable and accurate, easy to observe
  4.  It has the function of coarse and fine adjustment of lifting frame, which is convenient for the needle point to align with the sample plane.


  1. Power supply: AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz;
  2. Power consumption: 200W;
  3. Measurement range: 0 penetration~600 penetrations;
  4. Resolution: 0.1 penetration;
  5. Timing range: 5s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 30s, 60 s, and the error is less than ±0.1 s;
  6. Temperature control accuracy: 25 ℃± 0.1 ℃
  7. Constant temperature bath: hard glass chamber
  8. Stirring: magnetic stirrer, rotary stirring
  9. Working environment: Temperature: (15~35)℃;Relative humidity:≤85%
  10. Dimension: 260mm×400mm×640mm;(L*W*H)
  11. Net weight: 16kg.


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