Pass Box

Pass box is one of the cleanroom systems, which is used to transfer materials from one side to other side through controlled environment in order to avoid airborne cross contamination.

Stainless Steel Dynamic Transfer Hatch For Cleanroom
Standard Pass-Thrus

Pass Box Stainless Steelesifikasi : Spesifikasi : ukuran 72x62x50 cm Material : Stainless Steel 304 ketebalan 1.2mm Pintu Interlock Door , Electromagnetic Door , 1 Unit Lampu Ultraviolet , 1 Unit Lampu TL , 1 Pintu sebagai Aktif, Mengirim material (Mengatur Power, Lampu UV, TL, dan buka Tutup pintu, dilengkapi lampu indikator) , 1 Pintu sebagai Passive, Menerima Material (Indicator Wait dan Go) Tiap pintu terbuka, maka otomatis lampu UV akan mati.

A pass-through, or pass-thru, is an enclosed space with doors on opposite sides that acts as an airlock in a cleanroom to allow for the transfer of materials between the cleanroom and another space.

Pass-throughs minimize the contaminant transfer and help maintain the cleanroom environment. A cleanroom pass-through can be floor or wall mounted, and can take the form of a cabinet, chamber, or window.

Clean Air Products provides a full line of standard pass-thru cabinets, pass-thru chambers, and pass-thru windows.
A range of sizes and configurations are available to meet your unique requirements. We also offer custom pass-throughs that can be tailored to your specifications.

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Quality Control

Factory testing (all the sets you ordered):
All of equipment is individually factory tested for safety and performance in accordance with international Standards.
Each unit is shipped with a documentation outlining the tests undertaken and the unit’s individual results for each unit.
Factory test include:
–appearance testing
–functional test and visual inspection
–electrical safety tests
–air velocity testing
–noise testing



Model TR-PB-500 TR-PB-600 TR-PB-700
External Size (W*D*H) 700x570x1050mm 800x670x1150mm 900x770x1250mm
Work Zone (W*D*H) 720x620x500mm 600x600x600mm 700x700x700mm
Purification rank Class 100
Material (Option)

1: Entirety Sus304.(T=1.2/1.5mm)

2: Entirety sus201. (T=1.2/1.5mm)

3:External is steel with power coated, Internal is SUS304(T=1.2/1.5mm)

4: External is steel with power coated. Internal is SUS201(T=1.2/1.5mm)

Control System

1: Gel Sealant mini-pleats HEPA air filter so that pass the DOP test without any problem.

2: Pass Box inside bottom corner is round shape without any dust

accumulation .

3: Double layer vacuum glass have very good appearance

4: Software computer interlocking door with long time using life

5: Air speed is 0.45m/s adjustable

UV Light 1 Pcs
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
packing Size 800x870x1300mm 1000x870x1400mm 1100x970x1500mm
Packing material Standard Export Poly wood Packing(Fumigant free material)


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