Orbital Shaker

An orbital shaker is a laboratory instrument used to mix or agitate samples in a container. To use an orbital shaker, follow these steps: Place the Erlenmeyer with the sample on the shaker platform. Adjust the speed and time settings on the shaker to the desired settings.

  1. Speed: 0-210 RPM
  2. Working Plate: 315 x 218 mm
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Technical data: KJ-201BD KJ-201BS
Operation method Circling Circling
Circling diameter 22mm 22mm
Max.loading weight 1kg 1kg
Speed range 20-210rpm 20-230rpm
Timing range 0-15min/0-60min 0-15min/0-60min
Running mode Timing/Continuous Timing/Continuous
Working plate size 315×218mm 224×152mm
Input voltasge(frequency) AC 220V±10%(50/60Hz) AC 220V±10%(50/60Hz)
Input power 10W 10W
Protective class IP21 IP21
Permissble ambient temperature 5-50ºC 5-50ºC
Permissible relative moisture 80% 80%
Dimensions 320×320×130mm 240×165×120mm
Net.Weight 3.2kg 2.5kg


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