KNF Diaphragm Pump NF 60 KTDC 24V


  • Type: NF 60 KTDC
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Power rating: 8.6 W
  • I max. load.: 0.36 A
  • I max.: 0.51 A
  • Flow rate: 0.6 l/min
  • P max: +100 kPa (1 bar)
  • Material of head components: Head PP, valves FFPM, O-ring PTFE, Diaphragm PTFE, Resonating diaphragm PTFE


This micro diaphragm liquid pumps are based on the principle of the oscillating displacement pump which is remarkably simple in design. The circular power from the motor is converted into vertical movement by an eccentric. This motion is then transferred to a diaphragm by means of a connecting rod which in conjunction with an inlet and outlet valve creates a pumping action.

NF 60 type liquid pumps can be mounted in any position and can deliver up to 0.6 l/ min depending on the model and will operate against pressures of up to 14.5 PSIG.

The KNF modular system contains a wide standard range of materials, motors, voltages and frequencies to enable the selection of an optimal solution for your application.


  1. Small and powerful
  2. Micro design and maximum performance resulting from built-in technology are the outstanding characteristics of this product.
  3. Self-priming and excellent for pressure
  4. Sophisticated diaphragm technology and precise valve structures enable performances of up to 8.85 inHg suction and 14.5 PSIG pressure.
  5. Extreme chemical resistance
  6. The use of chemically resistant materials such as PTFE, PVDF, FFPM or other material combinations for the parts which come in contact with the liquid allows almost all neutral or corrosive liquids to be pumped.
  7. Dry running, durable and maintenance free
  8. The carefully considered design of these pumps allows them to be run dry and ensures safe operation and a long life even under the most severe conditions.





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