Multi Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge 11,000RPM


  • Multi Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Easy to use Bucket Rotor
  • Available 15ml x 32 Tubes at once.
  • Various kinds of Rotor and Tube Rack
  • Available Max. 11,000RPM (Fixed Angle Rotor)
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Inverter motor controller (Low niosy and less maintenanace)
  • Automatic calculation of RPM and RCF
  • Safety device


① Display for RPM/ RCF
② Display for TEMP in Chamber
③ Display for Timer
④ Display for Rotor Number
⑤ Setting Button for Program Number
⑥ Acceleration Mode
⑦ Deceleration Mode
⑧ Start Key Button
Stop Key Button
Door Open Button(while unit is working, door is not opened)




Rotor Speed Table TR-RF-55CF (Swing Out Rotor)
Model Max. RPM Max. RCF(xg) Number of Tubes
TR-50S 5,500 5,580 4 Buckets
Rotor Speed Table TR-RF-55CF (Fixed Angle Rotor)
Model Max. RPM Max. RCF(xg) Number of Tubes
TR508A-50 11,000 13,978 50ml x 8Tubes
TR5010A-50 6,000 5,031 50ml x 10Tubes
TR1512A-50 12,000 15,294 15ml x 12Tubes
TR1524A-50 6,000 4,971 15ml x 24Tubes



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