Muffle Furnace 1700 ℃

  • Rentang SUHU : 1000℃ sampai 1700℃
  • Volume : 1 Liter sampai 30 Liter
  • Hubungi Sales : 081270868021


Muffle Furnace
Muffle Furnace

Using Application:

  1. Universities,  scientific  research  institutes,  industrial  and  mining  enterprises  for  powder roasting,  ceramic  sintering,  high  temperature  experiment,  material  treatment,  quality testing.
  2. This  product  uses  high  quality  silicon  molybdenum  bar  as  heating  element;Intelligent temperature control system, silicon controlled, phase shifting trigger;The furnace adopts imported   technology   vacuum   adsorption   molding   of   high   quality   1700   alumina poly-crystalline fiber inorganic material. The furnace body is double shell, using air insulation technology and heat sensing technology to drive intelligent air cooling system, soft start constant current control, prolong the life of heating elements.





Main functions and features:

  1. The  working  room  adopts  the  vacuum  adsorption  molding  quality  type  1700  poly-crystal alumina fiber inorganic materials, heat preservation performance is good, durable, high tensile strength, no miscellaneous ball, high purity, the surface coated with imported 1700 degrees in working room, high temperature resistant heat insulation coating can improve the reflectivity and the heat efficiency of working room and increase the using life of working room at the same time, the energy saving effect is obviously better than that of ordinary fiber materials.
  2. The heating element adopts high quality silicon molybdenum rod, higher heating efficiency, longer using life.
  3. The use of piece-type working room design, after strict thermal calculation, durable, does not collapse, the working room is provided with a breathing hole, can reduce the furnace shrinkage, increase the using life of furnace.
  4. Side open door, auto power off function when door opening.
  5. Over-temperature alarm and auto power off protection function, electric leakage protection function.


Max Temperature 1000℃ sampai 1700℃
Ukuran Volume  Volume 1 Liter sampai 30 Liter
Long time running Suggest 1600
Heating Rate 30/min
Temperature Fluctuation ±2
Internal Material 1000-1700 type high quality alumina poly-crystalline fiber furnace
Heater High quality silicon molybdenum heating rod
Sensor B type double platinum rhodium thermonuclear
Controller PID programmable controller with auto-tuning function
Power Supply AC 380V, 50Hz, 3-phases
Max Power 10 kw
Accessory Door tweel block ×1,    Crucible tongs ×1, High temperature gloves ×1.


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