Mini Dry Bath Incubator

A dry bath is a type of laboratory equipment that is used to heat samples. Dry baths are often used in molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and genetic applications.

Mini Dry Bath light-weight Mini dry bath incubator provides outstanding temperature control and accuracy. The program mode can store up to 5 program setups. Interchangeable aluminum alloy sample blocks provide versatility in applications.

Typical Applications:

  1. Widely used in sample preparation, enzyme preservation, enzyme-substrate reactions, DNA amplification, electrophoresis gel degeneration and serum coagulation.


  1. LED display for easy reading
  2. Temperature is up to 100°C
  3. Simultaneous display of set/actual time and temperature
  4. 3D digital wheel adjustment of time and temperature
  5. High temperature precision is up to±0.5°C
  6. Programmable operation can store up to 5 programs
  7. Low operation voltage (12v) can be used directly with car charger
  8. Various applications with different blocks



Model TC0401005
Temperature control range [°C] RT + 5°C~100°C
Timing range 0~99h59min
Temp. control accuracy [°C] ±0.5
Display accuracy [°C] ±0.1
Heating time (40°C to100°C temp.) ≤15min
Dimension (mm) 164 x 116 x 98
Net weight 0.9kg


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