Microwave Digestion 12*100ML

  1. Vessel Quantity: 12
  2. Vessel Volume: 100mL
  3. Microwave Power: 0-2000W (Adjustable)


  • Special Designed Sample Digestion Vessel

The automatic vent and self-resealing structure which won national patent ensures the digestion vessels can automatically release pressure and instantly reseal when a sudden over-pressure situation occurs. It prevents waste of batch samples and solutions and also avoids vessel damage.

  • Contact-less Temperature and Pressure Monitoring System

The advanced contact-less IR sensor could measure the real-time temperature of sample solutions in each digestion vessel. Meanwhile, the contact-less pressure sensor could monitor the real-time pressure of each vessel. This realizes isolation between temperature and pressure controlling system, also avoids sample cross-contamination. Each real-time temperature and pressure value is displayed during the whole digestion process, allowing a clear check of digestion conditions.

  • Large Storage Capacity

It can edit and store 255 types of programs according to user’s requirements and each method program can set parameters (temperature, pressure, time, microwave power) according to their own requirements which provides convenient operation for users.

  • Safety Protection System

With high-strength double locked security door, the real-time temperature and pressure monitoring, automatic adjustment of over-pressure and over-temperature and abnormal sound monitoring, the device can run in a highly safe environment.

  • Power Adjustment

The variable frequency resonance or non-pulse(optional) continues rotating mode ensures high efficient and even microwave throughput. It can be set between 0~3000W according to user’s requirements.


  • 360º continuous rotor makes the rotation in a same direction. It ensures even and complete digestion, also reduces the wear and tear of motor, which greatly extend its service life.
  • Color 7 inches LCD touch-screen displays the real-time temperature and pressure, also the working time and tendency curves.
  • The material of sample digestion vessel is imported TFM. For outer protection vessel, it is imported PEEK and glass fiber which could prevent high temperature, high pressure and acid corrosion.


Vessel Quantity 12




Contactless IR Sensor Temperature Monitoring

Each Vessel Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlling Range: 50~400℃

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3℃

Display Accuracy: ±0.1℃





Contactless Sensor Pressure monitoring

Each Vessels Pressure Controlled

Pressure Controlling Range: 0~10MPa

Pressure Accuracy: ±0.01MPa

Display Accuracy: ±0.01Mpa

Vessel Volume 100mL
Sample Vessel


TFM Material
Protection Vessel


Peek+Glass Fiber
Display 7 inch Color Touch Screen
Rotation One Direction 360° continuous rotating
Microwave Tank 316L stainless steel tank with corrosion-proof coating
Microwave Power 0-2000W (Adjustable)
Microwave Leakage <5mw/cm2
Air Exhaust High power corrosion-proof air blower
Power AC 220V±10%, 10A, 50/60Hz
Dimension 640×630×590mm(L×W×H)
Weight 78KG


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