Microscope XSP-02

XSP-02 School Student Microscope-Magnification: 640X

S02 -640x Monocular Student Microscope


  1. Huygens eyepieces: 10x and 12.5x
  2. Achromatic objective : 4x,10x,40x
  3. Stage : single layer with paired clips:120*120mm
  4. Rotating disc diaphragm : five apertures: φ3.2, φ4, φ5, φ8, φ15
  5. Coarse adjustment range : 50mm
  6. Fine adjustment range : 1.8-2.2mm
  7. Illumination : Concave-plan reflector φ50mm
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  1. Model Number: XSP-02
  2. Theory: Biological Microscope
  3. Drawtube: Monocular
  4. Magnification Ratio: 500X – 1500X
  5. Brand Name: TRANALAB
  6. Certification: CE


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