High Speed Microhematocrit Centrifuge

Main power : 220V10% 50HZ
Max speed : 12000r/min
Power output : 100W
Power input : 230V A
Max RCF : 15300g
Capability : 24tubes,1.5mm75 mm24pcs capillar y pipe
Starting time : 1min
Braking time : 2min
Time range : 0~30min ( Forbid continuous use)
Ty pe of rotor : swing-out ty pe
Dimension : 280(L)310(W)265(H)mm


Centrifuge Hematocrit
Model : SH120 / HC-12A

Microhematocrit Centrifuge is used for accurate determination of blood cell and also for precipitation and separation of little amount blood and solution. Take a little amount of blood,(you can use the blood of earlap which is convenient to get ) which can be centrifuged in a very short time. It has the merits such as high work efficiency , complete combination of parts, high accuracy and so on.

Model No.  SH-120
Speed  0-12000rpm
RCF 15300*g
Capacity 1.5mm x 75mm (24 capillary tubes)
Timer 0-10min


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