Microbiological Air Sampler


Microbial Air Sampler TR-MAS-10 design for microbial air infected and contaminates sampling in order to achieve the states of contamination in the fields of research & development, pharmaceutical, food & beverages industries, and other life-based applications with the ventilating and air conditioning control. Air is drown-out at a fixed speed with sampling flow rate up to 100 L/minutes through certified & anodized aluminum sampling head, and particle emission is free for clean room, and another sterile area. Handy and compact portable device built-in advanced technology for an excellent outcome to enhance accurate and precious results. Sampling technology is fully compatible with Petri-plate to plate microbial to expand data. This device allows a variety of floating bio contaminates by impacting on Petri-plates of 90×15 mm which are easy to use and are cost-effective. Different adaptors and accessories with a choice of AC-DC dual charging port and Sampling Port with 397 meshes with a diameter of 0.77 mm micropore.

  • ◉ The Anodized aluminum aspirating sampling head with full sampling traceability
  • ◉ Provide regular static air sampler protection cover with affordable cost, excellent collection efficiency
  • ◉ Control Operation panel with convinces and membrane keypads along with calibration control functions
  • ◉ Digitally touch display to keep records for air sample volume, operation time, date, another crucial parameter
  • ◉ Design with handle, easy to transport anywhere
  • ◉ Sampling pump cover and rechargeable battery with durable and longer sampling hours
  • ◉ Porous sampling head, used in detecting the microorganism in clean room and another sterile environment

Petri dish: 90×15
AC-DC dual charging port
Sampling Port: 397 meshes with diameter of 0.77 mm micro pore
Digital Display


Research & Development
Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages Industries
Air Treatment System


Microbial Air Sampler-TR-MAS-A10
Microbial Air Sampler-TR-MAS-10


Sampling Flow 100 L/minutes
Sampling Head Anodized Aluminum
Temperature 10 to 35°C
Petri Dish Dimension 90×15
Parameter 100000000 particle/m3 µm or 0.2 mg/m3
Sampling Quantity 0.001 to 0.999 m3
Atmospheric Pressure 80 to 110 KPa
Flow Velocity 0.38 m/s
Chargeable Battery DC 16.8 V
Power Supply AC 110/220
Dimension (WxH) 120×325 mm
Machine Dimension 120x200x330 mm
Net Weight 3 kg
Gross Weight 8 kg


Tuliskan Nama Instansi atau PT atau CV
Tuliskan Nomer HP atau WA


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