MacView IPR

The MACView® IPR is build modular. In theory one can add as much sensors as available internet addresses. The system is build in a 19” housing. Every 19” housing can position 8 IPR cards with each 2 sensors. This means that with one 19” housing 16 sensors can be monitored at the same time. When the 19” housing is full, it is easy to add another housing in the rack.


The MACView® IPR is a universal measuring system for gasses, vapors and solid (dust) particles. A extra unique feature is that the system is controlled and the visualization is processed by a integrated web-server.

With this system it is possible to follow facilities with a internet connection on one location, more office buildings, factory buildings or worldly spread production plants. The advantages are more then one. A Quality Assurance department can check the performance of the air cleaning facility in a glance, or a Quality Control department can monitor continuously the dust load in a packaging compartment. But also international operating companies which want to follow on a distance in different countries the performances of their production plants in real time, it is all possible.


Number of slots 8 slots can position 8 IPR cards in a 19” housing, housing is 3U high
Number of channels 2 channels on one IPR card
Number of sensors More than 80 sensors available for gasses, vapours and fine dust particles, 3 wire 4-20mA-Combustibles – Toxic Gases – Oxidizing Gases – Organic Solvents – CFC’s (HCFC’s en HFC’s) – Indoor Pollutants – Cooking Vapors – OxygenEvery sensor measures the following values of a quantity : concentration, relative humidity and temperature
Type of sensors 206402: MACView® Wall-mount sensor 4-20mA output, gas, RH and T206502: MACView® Wall-mount EeX sensor 4-20mA output, gas, RH and T206304: MACView® Particles Advanced sensor 4-20mA output, fine dust particles, RH and T206305: MACView® Particles Advanced press fitting sensor 4-20mA output, fine dust particles, RH and T, suitable for ventilation channels
Housing material High quality aluminium with anodising layer
Standards NEN-EN-IEC 61000-6-1 t/m 4, CE, Ethernet IEEE 802.3, TCP/IP, HTML en SMTP
Signals/warnings ppm of mg/m³ and hysteresis adjustable on relais (programmable for every function)Analogue output 4-20mA (programmable for every function)E-mail adjustableSeveral status LED’s : power, failure, RX, TX, Collision, relais 1, relais 2
Acceptance of warnings With accept button on front side or through browser
Communication protocol TCP/IP over IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, (UTP connection with 8 wires)
Registration Internal database with date and time clock
Sensor inputs 4-20mA suitable for long range with transmission protocol
Sensor connections 3-wire : power, 0V, signal4-wire : power, 0V, signal, signal 0V (reference)
Inputs 1 digital input (potential free)
Outputs 2 analogue outputs (0-10V, 0-20mA or 4-20mA, adjustable throug the software) mA outputs are up to a load of 400Ohm at 12V2 digital outputs (potential free relais 230V, 1A) for concentration warning1 digital output (potential free relais 230V, 1A) for internal failure warning
Service connection RS232 interface
Powerconnection In: 230 VAC
Out: 12V, 150W for external sensors
Operating temperature sensors -30 / +80 degree Celcius, relative humidity 5 till 95%, not condensed
Operating temperatureMACView® IPR -10 / +50 degree Celcius, relative humidity 5 till 95%, not condensed
Software Integrated in a autonomous webserverFor more IPR systems a control tool is available. This tool is not neccesary when using a small number of MACView® IPR systems
User interface HTML pages in a browser and E-mail
DimensionsMACView® IPR Rack 3U, 19” housing W 482 x H 132 x D 266 mm
Mounting In a cabinet frame rack suitable for 19” housings


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