Low Speed Mini Centrifuge

These are generally employed for performing quick spin-downs and are typically designed to spin microfuge or PCR tubes. Like all other centrifuges, mini centrifuges are also used in molecular biology, biomedical, and chemical research.

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800 Plasma Medical Laboratory Blood Electric Low Speed Mini Centrifuge Machine Max Speed 4000rpm CE Certification.


Max. Speed
Max. RCF
Max. Capacity
6 x 20ml (45degree angle rotor)
1-40 min
Time Setting Range
1min to 99min
Power Supply
AC220V±22V 50/60Hz 5A
Motor Power
Dimension (W x D x H)
30L*30W*28H (cm)
Net Weight
Power plug type
EU Plug(220v),US Plug(110v)

Product Description

Outline of uses

800 is an old machine. It is possessed of these special feature following: it is beautiful in appearance, large capacity but small in bulk and has a complete- function and a stable performance, you can chose the speed that you need at the estrange, and it can keep balance automatically, in addition , it has a little rate of increase in temperature and can be used efficiently and widely , It is a dependable instrument for qualitative analysis of serum , plasma and immunity in hospitals or chemical and biochemical laboratories.

Key Features

  1. Three feet standing electric centrifuge
  2. The lower-speed centrifugal machine is widely used in laboratory of education, science and producing department for biology, medical and chemistry etc. The lower-speed centrifugal machine with the maximum speed 4000r/min, mainly be used for the appraisal of radioactivity immunity and separation of cell or particle.
  3. Applicable to petroleum, plastic
  4. High efficiency, environmental protection, mute
  5. Applications :Water treatment, chemical, petroleum, textile, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mineral processing, medical, pharmaceutical, food, coals


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