Liquid Particle Counters

It is designed specifically to be mounted directly to oil lubrication and hydraulic systems, where ongoing measurement or analysis is required, and where space and cost are limited.

  1. Light source: semiconductor laser
  2. Particle size range: 0.8um~600um
  3. Detection channel: 8-64 channel is optional (8, 16, 32, 64 channel is optional), any particle size is set
  4. Resolution: Better than 10%
  5. Repeatability: RSD<2%
  6. Viscosity range: Maximum 350mm2/s(cSt) (excessive viscosity needs to be detected by heating or dilution method)
  7. Sampling volume: 0.2~100ml
  8. Sampling accuracy: better than ±0.5%
  9. Sampling speed: 5mL/min ~80mL/min
  10. Maximum vacuum of pressure chamber: -0.08MPa
  11. Maximum positive pressure of the air pressure chamber: 0.8MPa
  12. Maximum particle concentration: 12000~40000 particles /mL
  13. Overall dimensions: (L*W*H)400×400×630mm
  14. Working power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz


  1. The International hydraulic Standards Committee designated by the light resistance (shading) method counting principle.
  2. High precision laser sensor, wide test range, stable performance, low noise, high resolution.
  3. Using precision high pressure injection pump sampling method, can set the sampling volume, stable injection speed, high sampling precision.
  4. The injection system combined with positive and negative pressure can realize sample degassing, which is suitable for the test of different viscosity.
  5. Built-in pressure sensor, can set the pressure value, and automatically judge the cabin pressure, to ensure safety
  6. Built-in air purification system, to ensure that the test is not polluted.
  7. Built-in multiple calibration curve, compatible with all common standards at home and abroad for calibration.
  8. Built-in GJB-420A, GJB-420B, NAS1638, GB/T14039, ISO4406, SAE4059F-CPC, SAE4059F, SAE749D, OCT17216, QC/T29104, JB/T9737, DLT432, HH005- 2018 and other common standards, support custom standard testing, and can set the required standards according to customer requirements
  9. Built-in data analysis system, a test can give all the standard test data and pollution level
  10. Built-in viscosity, moisture and temperature sensor module, providing viscosity, moisture content saturation, ppm and temperature reference value while accurately testing particle distribution (optional)
  11. Can set any particle size, built-in nearly ten thousand particle size, easy to carry out particle size analysis
  12. A variety of sampling containers such as standard sampling bottles or cups can be used to meet the testing requirements of different industries.
  13. he full function of automatic color touch screen operation, support Chinese and English dual interface, built-in printer, simple and generous structure, simple and convenient operation.
  14. Single-channel and multi-channel calibration can be carried out to achieve automatic calibration function
  15. Built-in data analysis system, can automatically determine the sample grade according to the standard.
  16. With RS232 interface, can be connected to the computer or laboratory platform for data processing.
  17. The verification report of the national particle size measurement test station “China Aviation Industry Particle Size Measurement Test Station” can be provided for payment.
  18. With mass data storage, printing function, can store 1000 groups of data and support U disk storage data

Application field

TR-OCD1031 oil pollution level detector is a professional instrument for detecting the distribution size and grade of pollution particles in oil. The instrument adopts the principle of light blocking method, which is suitable for the detection of particle pollution degree of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, resistant fuel oil, insulating oil and turbine oil. It can provide fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable test results and complete pollution monitoring and analysis report.



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