LED Aging Oven DYLED-350-P




LED Aging Oven

This is an aging equipment for enhancing products’ durability by discharging the out-gas in the LED temperature-based hardening process.

LED Aging Oven Features :

  1. Recording of the inner temperatures (Recorder) – Paper type
  2. Recording of the inner temperatures (Recorder) – Paperless (Digital) type
  3. Auto load-unload (Conveyor type)
  4. RS232 and Ethernet for communication function
  5. N2 purge function
  6. HEPA filters are installed

LED Aging Oven Detailed Specification :

Power 220V 1P 30A 220V 3P 30A 220V 3P 40A
Dimension (wxdxh)mm 190x80x150 190x95x150 220x95x160
Temperature(°C) Max 220°C(rising time RT~+170°C within 30min)
Uniformity ±1.5°C(full range,unload)
Control Programmable LCD Controller
Material In:SUS430 Polish 1.2t, Out:SS Powder
Sensor CA K type
Out-gas Vent Ø50*1ea(1room)
N2 Purge(option) Run & stop door auto lock-unlock function
Door Auto Lock Run & stop door auto lock-unlock function
Recorder(option) Paper type OR Paperless type(Yokogawa)
Touch PC(option) 17” panel PC & Program(software)
M/Z CAPA 24M/Z 48M/Z 48M/Z
M/Z Dimension(cm) W5.6 * L206 * H144


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