Large Capacity Centrifuge

Model: TR-LCC-2000
Large Capacity Centrifuge

  1. Easy to use by Full color Touch screen
  2. Motorized Door system
  3. Various Tube racks depends on Test purpose
  4. Max 4,700RPM, 7,260 x g
  5. Large Capacity centrifugal progress are available( 500ml x 12 Bags )
  6. Wind shield chamber
  7. Automatic Calculation for RPM, RCF


Large Capacity Centrifuge1
① Display for RPM and RCF
② Display for Timer
③ Display for TEMP in Chamber
④ Display for working Status (Normal : Green / Error : Red Lamp)
⑤ Program Setting Button
⑥ Input for Rotor Number
⑦ Acceleration Mode
⑧ Deceleration Mode
⑨ Input for Program Number.
⑩ Key Pad
⑪ Start/Stop Button
⑫ Window for Operation or Error Message
⑬ Cool Button for Pre-Cooling

Large Capacity Centrifuge TR-LCC-2000
Max. RPM 4,700RPM
Max. RCF 7,260 × g
Max. Capacity 500ml x 12 Bags
Display Full Color Touch Screen
Operating mode RPM, RCF & ∫⍵2 dt
Program memory 10 Memory   Option)50 Memory
Drive System Inverter motor drive
Door System Motorized Door System
Acceleration 9 Profiles
Deceleration 9 Profiles
Timer 99Hr 59Min. & 59 Sec
Temperature Range -20℃ to +40℃
Safety system Protector for Over Speed
Detector for Temperature and Door,
Self-test device
Material Stainless : Rotor, Chamber
Aluminum : Wind Shield Chamber, Buckets
Exterior : Steel with Powder coating
Dimension 840 × 913 × 920(H)mm
Weight Net. 380Kg
Power 220V, 5.4Kw, 60Hz

Large Capacity Centrifuge

Rotor Speed Table for TR-LCC-2000 (Swing Out Rotor)
Model Max. RPM Max. RCF( x g) Number of bucket
TRVR-10S 4,700 7,260 500ml x 12 Bag
Exclusive Carrier, Wind Shield Chamber and Motorized Door System

Large Capacity Centrifuge


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