Kinematic Viscosity Tester

Determine kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products including transparent and opaque liquid, by time measurement for a volume of liquid to flow under gravity through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer as per ASTM D 445.

The Determinator is applicable to GB265-88, G1814, ASTMD445, IP71 and other standards, adopting advanced SCM for controlling and large color LCD with English display and operation tips, high-speed thermal printer and advanced auto-storage and auto-printing of testing results and uniform temperature of homoeothermic bathtub. It can be installed with four viscometers simultaneously for oil viscosity testing, and also can be high-viscosity homoeothermic waterbath for other testing.



Performance Standards GB265-88, GB1814,ASTM D445,IP71, etc.
Capillary Viscometer Conform to SH/T0173-92 Technical Conditions of Glass

Capillary Viscometer

Conform  to  JJG155  Verification  Regulation  of  Routine

Capillary Viscometer

Method of Display 7 inch color LCD
Temperature Control Range Arbitrary setting between room temperature and 150°C
Testing Range Kinematic Viscosity: 0.5~20000mm2/s

Kinetic Viscosity: 0.3~40000mPa.s

Temperature             Control


Timing Accuracy ±0.1S
Timing Range 0.1S-999.9S
Homoeothermic Bathtub 300*300mm double layer
Power(highest) 1800W
Sample Installing Quantities 4 pieces
Working Environment Ambient Temperature: 15–35°C           Ambient Humidity:


Power Supply 220V ac±10%50Hz±1Hz
Dimension(largest) 560*370*520(L*W*H)
Weight 20Kg


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