Portable automotive emission gas analyzer. KEG-200(2gas)

This analyzer is an equipment to measure the gas emission density of an automobile enabling to diagnose the automobile status and its preventive maintenance so that can provide a function to prevent the air pollution in advance.

Measuring item : CO(Carbon monoxide), HC(Hexane), Lambda(Air surplus rate), AFT

  1. Portable (compact size, light weight)
  2. Outstanding accuracy, stability and durability
  3. Response time of less than 10 seconds
  4. Stand-by for low power consumption when unit is not in use
  5. Automatic adjustment of warming-up time (2-8minutes.) •Two LED indicators
  6. Extra filters and printer paper
  7. Elegant and simple appearance



Model KEG-500(5GAS, 4GXS) KEG-200(2GAS)
Measuring gas CO, HC, CO2, O2, (air surplus rate), AFR, NOX (optional)
Measuring method CO, HC, C02, Non-Dispersive Infrared Analysis(NDIR), O2, NOx: Electrochemical Cell
Measuring range 0.00 ~ 9.99% 0 ~ 9999ppm 0.0 ~ 20.0%
Resolution 0.01% 1ppm 0.10%
Measuring range 0.00 ~ 25.00% 0 ~ 2.000 0.0 ~ 99.0 0 ~ 5.000ppm
Resolution 0.01% 0.001 0.1 1ppm
Display 4 digit 7segmenl LED
Repetition Rate Less than 2% FS
Response time Within 10 seconds (90% of the time)
Preheat Time Approx. 2~8 minutes
Flow rate 4 ~ 6 L/min
Power 220V/110V AC, 50/60HZ
Power consumption Approx. 50W
Operation Temp 0~40ºC
Dimensions 285(W) x 410(D) x 155(H)mm
Packing size 285(W) x 410(D) x 155(H)mm
Dimensions 530(W) x 400(D) x 350(H)mm
Weight (Net/Gross) Approx. 4.5kg / 12.5kg
Basic Accessories Probe, Probe hose, Spare fuse, Leak test cap, Spare filter, Operation manual, Power cord, Ground cable, Calbration controller nipple, Calibration conneding hose
Option Printer, Printer paper, PC program, Corrmunication cable (2gas optional)




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