Karl Fischer

In analytical chemistry, Karl Fischer titration is a classic titration method that uses coulometric or volumetric titration to determine trace amounts of water in a sample. It was invented in 1935 by the German chemist Karl Fischer. Today, the titration is done with an automated Karl Fischer titrator.

  1. Measurement range 0.001 to 100%
  2. Titration control accuracy : 1uL (20ml precision measurement tube )
  3. Titration repeatability (RSD): RSD ≤ 0.5%; (10mg water ))
  4. Measurement time: 2 minutes on average;
  5. Data processing: automatic calculation and analysis results showing water quality, percentage , ppm ,etc.;
  6. Data storage capacity: 200 (expandable )
  7. Buret : Optional 20ml, 10ml, 5ml precision metering tube assembly , with anti-UV shield;
  8. Valves and piping material: three to two-way solenoid valve drive control , anti-corrosion material FEP with UV resistance;
  9. External electrode : double platinum film electrode;
  10. Ambient temperature : +5-40 ℃


Karl Fischer Voltmeters Features

  1. Enclosed titration cell , using a dedicated connection pipe and fittings to avoid environmental moisture penetration , keeping a very low drift. Automatic replacement of solvents and waste discharge to avoid escape of toxic reagents , ensuring the operator and environmental safety.
  2. Automatic titration , automatic calculations, the average time to determine a sample is less than three minutes, the results quickly and accurately;
  3. The instrument can be realized: suction reagents, solvents inhaled, waste discharge , mixing speed , automated analysis and calculation functions;
  4. The instrument automatically adjusted according to the sample and reagent titration speed , without having to manually set the slow drip drip faster , you can use a variety Karl-Fischer reagents, without the use of special expensive reagents;
  5. High-precision titration control, high detection accuracy ; intelligent fault identification, critical hardware with automatic protection function;
  6. The structural design of the new scientific instrument to balance security operation , easy maintenance and low noise;
  7. New piston design , high-precision measuring instruments titration control technology to ensure accurate and reliable results;
  8. The instrument automatically calculated and deducted environmental background drift of water, automatically maintain the end, choose a variety of end conditions;
  9. Long-life LCD screen, navigate man-machine dialogue process; can long continuous operation;
  10. Automatic titration analysis calculations can show the percentage of water quality, reagent consumption , Test time;
  11. Titration dynamic display , the measurement results automatic memory , can save multiple sets of documents and analysis methods;
  12. Hubungi PT. Trias Nathomi Chemindo – 02162302799


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