Ion Chromatograph TR-IC300

  1. Pump: Peek
  2. Circuits: BIPOLAR
  3. Detection mode: Double Channels
  4. Cations: Already have



1. Ion chromatography pump
Type: High – pressure low – pulse double – plunger series pump
Pressure range: 0~42 MPa
Volume of flow range: 0.001~9.999 mL/min
Pressure accuracy: ≦0.1 Mpa
Volume of flow accuracy (setting error): RSD≦0.1%

2. Digital Temperature-control detection system

A. Conductivity Detector

Structure: Bipolar Conductivity Detector
Structure: Temperature – controlled bipolar conductivity detector Detection Mode: Double
conductivity detection
Conductance cell size: ≦0.8μl
Output voltage: -5000~5000 mV (to regulate)
Measure range: 0~30000 μS/cm (10 level to choose)
Resolution : ≦0.025 ns
Conductance cell temperature: 5~50℃(to regulate)
Constant temperature accuracy: ±0.01℃
Baseline noise: ≦0.6%FS
Baseline drift: ≦2.0%FS
Qualitative repeatability: ≦1%
Quantitative repeatability: ≦1%

B. Flow System

The whole plastic pipeline: made of PEEK materials
Six-way valve: Rheodyne electromagnetic six-way valve made in America, compression resistance
of 7000 psi. Collect signals automatically

C. Analytic Capability

  • For high capacity anion column, pH 0~14, compatible organic solvent, F¯, CI¯, No ¯,PO ¯ ,Br¯ , No2 ¯, SO42-, CLO2, BrO3, CLO3, Etc
  • Can be analyzed at the same time with one injection.
  • For high capacity cation column, lycine,Li+ ,Na+ ,NH4+ , K+ , Mg2+ , Ca2+ , Si2+ , Ba2+ , Choline chloride 4 can be separated and analyzed
  • Different types of detectors can detect several transition metallic ions, heavy metallic ions and special ions.
  • Analyse repeatability: ≦1.0% (see , )
  • Linear range: ≧103
  • Minimum concentration of detection: ≦0.1 ppb(see ); ≦5 ppb


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