Ion Chromatograph TR-IC100

  1. Pump: Stainless Steel
  2. Circuits: Pentode
  3. Detection mode: Single channel
  4. Cations: Cation Conductivity Additionally 


HPIC, based on classic ion chromatograph, is a new means of analyzing ion. It is developed in 1970’s, and is a technology that can analyze micro-traces ion (esp. anion) distinctively and efficiently. The beginning of modern chromatograph is symbolized by Austrian scholar’s principle of on-line separating and measuring, and American scholars H. Small, T. S. Stevens and W. C. Bauman’s treatise “Novel Ion Exchange Chromatography Method Using Conductimetric Detection”.

The ion chromatographic technology is based on the principle of ion exchange and use thin housing ion chromatography column to quickly separate various ions. And then, in self-regenerative suppressor, which is at the back of separating column, series connection is used to dissolve strong electrolyte in rinse water in order to deduct its background conductance. And then use conductance detector to continuously detect conductance value of output fluid and we can get chromatographic peak value of various ion. This accomplishes the aim of separating, analyzing qualitatively and quantitatively at one time.

TR-IC100 model ion chromatographic meter have the analytic model of suppress conductance detecting anion. We can use different types of chromatographic column to analyze various anions. We can detect not only such conventional anion as F-, CI-, NO2-, PO43-, Br-, NO3-, SO42-, but also CIO2-, CIO3-, BrO3-, etc.

At present, HPIC analytic technology has been applied to various fields such as environmental monitoring, sanitation and epidemic prevention, medicines, chemical metallurgy, geology, hydrology, agriculture, forage, electronics industry, electric power, atomic energy, food and drinks, drinking water, scientific research, education, etc.

Major technical standards:

Ion chromatographic pump
Type:High pressure double plunger tandem advection pump
High pressure pump maximum pressure: 42 MPa
Flow range:0.001~9.999 mL/min
Flow accuracy:RSD < 0.1 %
Flow repeatability:RSD≤0.2 %

Conduction Detection:
Type: Five electrodes conductance detector
Cell volume:≤0.8 μL
Resolution:≤0.0020 nS/cm
Signal output range:0~35000 μS/cm(10 files available)
Output voltage:-6000~6000 mv
Baseline noise:≤0.05% FS
Baseline drift:≤3% FS/30min
Range of temperature:Room temperature +5 ℃ to 60 ℃
The precision of temperature control:±0.01 ℃
Temperature compensation:1.7 %/℃
Maximum operating pressure:10.0 MPa

Flow Path System:
Plastic flow path : the whole PEEK material
six-way valve: PEEK material FLOM series of six-way valve, pressure 5000psi; a signal automatic collecting and flow function.

Analysis Ability:
Anion analysis:F-、Cl-、Br-、I-、NO2-、PO43-、NO3-、SO42-and other anions
Cation analysis: Li+、Na+、NH4+、K+、Mg2+、Ca2+、Sr2+、Ba2+ and other cations
linear range: ≥103
Analysis of reproducibility:≤1.5% ((measured by the Cl-, Na+)
Minimum detectable concentration: Cl-≤0.0005 ug/ml,BrO3-≤0.001 ug/ml,Na+≤0.004 ug/ml


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