ID Incubator

  • 37 ◦C 24 Blood Type ID Gel Card Incubator
    Model: TR-IDC-37
  • Capacity 24 Gel cards
  • Temperature:  37°C
  • Temperature uniformity:  ≤0.5°C
  • Temperature stability : ≤0.2°C
  • Temperature accuracy:  <0.5°C
  • Timer:  15min (Variable)
  • Power AC: 220V 3A 300W
  • Dimensions:  380x220x140mm (DxWxH)


It can be suitable for many types of gel cards from different manufacturers. Feature like audible programmable alarm to notify end of incubation period makes it an ideal choice.
Used in Hospitals, Research, Laboratory Also known as Laboratory Gel Card Incubator


  1. Incubator for 24-Gel Cards in racks at 37°C
  2. 2 independent incubation zones with a capacity for 12 Gel cards
  3. Digital interface screen for control and visualization of remaining incubation time and real temperature for each zone
  4. Fixed pre-set temperature of 37 degree
  5. Pre-set incubation time of 15 minutes, which can be adjusted by the user
  6. Audible programmable alarm to notify the end of the incubation period


Capacity 24 Gel cards
Temperature 37°C
Temperature uniformity ≤0.5°C
Temperature stability ≤0.2°C
Temperature accuracy <0.5°C
Timer 15min (Variable)
Power  AC220V 3A 300W
Dimensions 380x220x140mm (DxWxH)



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