High Performance Liquid Chromatography Isocratic system

  • High pressure pump Series 1600
  • UV detector Included
  • C18 column (250 cm*4.6)
  • 7725i 6 way injection valve
  • Software Included


High Performance Liquid Chromatography:

  1. Superior high-pressure pump achieves accurate solvent delivery with high-precision and low-fluctuation.
  2. Advanced and innovative design modules provide high reliability and accuracy for long time operation.
  3. The pump works in-parallel and ensures accuracy and duration.
  4. Different kind of detectors, including UV/VIS detector and refractive index detector etc. provide stronger detection capability and more options.
  5. Pumping system: Isocratic system and gradient system.
  6. UV Detector for routine analysis/ RID for universal detection in isocratic analysis, especially necessary in GPC system.

A truly effective HPLC:

  • All maintenance parts are accessible from the front panel for quick replacement without disassembling instrument
  • The monitoring system will stop the pump if pre-limit pressure is exceeded
  • All components are controlled intelligently through workstation
  • Multiple data analysis functions, flexible peak identification and data management, etc



DW-LC-1600 Series

  Isocratic system Gradient system
Pump Specifications
Flow rate range 0.001-9.999mL/min
Flow rate accuracy ≤±0.5%(1mL/min, water, room temperature)
Flow rate precision RSD≤0.08%(1mL/min, water, room temperature)
Pressure range ≤42MPa
UV Detector Specifications
Lamp deuterium lamp
Wavelength range 190-700nm
Baseline noise ≤8×10-6AU
Baseline drift ≤1×10-4AU/h
 Detection Limit 4×10-9 g/ml(Naphthalene/methyl alcohol solvent)
Wavelength accuracy ±1nm


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