FURNACE 1000°C-5 Liter

FURNACE GAMA Series models are ideal furnaces to work at up to 1100 °C continuous processes. They are economic models with optimum insulation properties and basic control options.

A furnace is a heating unit that works by generating and distributing heated air throughout your home. It is one of the oldest types of heating systems still in use today for both residential homes and commercial buildings.


GAMA Models are economic products and ideal for simple applications up to 1100°C. These products provides optimal price-performance ratio with optimal isolation calculations and basic PID control features. Easy programming for any Kind of Process
such as ash analysis of food, plastic and other organic materials is possible. They are long-lasting, durable and minimal designed for space-saving in the laboratory. GAMA Series offers volume options of 3, 5, 8 and 20 liters.

Chamber Furnaces GAMA Series Product Models (TR-MTP GAMA Series)

1000°C -5liter-P/PX
General Features
·         Economical Series Ash Furnace
·         1000°C Continuous Working Temperature
·         5 Liter Volume, Ideal Easy Programming for Any Kind of Process, Such as Ash Analysis of Food, Plastic, Other Organic Materials.
·         User Friendly Interface
·         Start/Stop with One Touch
·         7-Segment LED Display
·         Best Price – Performance Ratio
·         ± 1°C Control Accuracy
·         Homogeneous Heat Distribution
·         Unique Insulation Design
·         Minimal Designed for Space-Saving in the Laboratory
·         Low External Surface Temperature with Dual Layer Housing
·         Durable Inner Chamber Made of Light Isolation Bricks
·         New Monoblock Design
·         1 Years Warranty
Technical Specifications
·         Inner Chamber Dimensions WxHxD: 150x150x225 [mm]
·         Product Outer Dimensions WxHxD: 376x559x435 [mm]
·         Net Weight 24 [Kg]
·         Power 2000 [W]
·         Max. Current 9.1 [A]
·         Electrical Connection 1 Phase
·         Heating Element Type Fe-Cr-Al
·         Thermocouple Type K Type
·         Heating Element Placement Embedded into Brick Walls
·         Inner Insulation Material Insulating Fire Brick
·         Front Face Insulation Material Ceramic Fibre Board
·         Door Insulation Material Ceramic Fibre Board
·         Housing Material Steel Sheet
·         Housing Coating Epoxy Powder Coating
·         Chimney Standard
·         Heating Element Protection Quartz Tube
·         Lockable Door Handle Sidewards
·         Gross Dimensions WxHxD: 436x595x619 [mm]
·         Gross Weight 36 [Kg]
Control Unit Features
P Software Option
Px Software Option
·         Software Based PID Control YES
·         Screen 7 Segment
·         Heating Program 2
·         Custom Preset Program 1
·         Heating Rate °C/dk. 5-25
·         Sound Warning at the End of the Program YES
·         Overheating Safety Sensor YES
·         Control Unit Overheating Sensor YES
·         Over Heating Cut Off YES
·         Warranty Period 1 Years
·         Software Based PID Control YES
·         Screen 7 Segment
·         Heating Program 4
·         Custom Preset Program 2
·         Heating Rate °C/dk. 5-25
·         Sound Warning at the End of the Program YES
·         Sound Warning at Step of the Program YES
·         Overheating Safety Sensor YES
·         Control Unit Overheating Sensor YES
·         Warranty Period 1 Years


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