Fully Automatic Potentiometric TAN TBN Titrator


  1. Zero-dead volume solenoid valve, changing easily for PTFE burette. Ultrathin stirring device, adopt coil realize magnetic Stir.
  2. Accuracy closed-loop control for volume. High-accuracy burette accurate to 0.005mm.
  3. Simple design, discrete stirring unit, detachable easily.
  4. Wide operating voltage range 110~240V, apply to global client. LCD touch screen.

Fully Automatic Potentiometric TAN TBN Titrator is a lab titration device with high analysis accuracy under the principle of potentiometric titration. It has modular design and consists of three parts: volume titration device, control device and measuring device. The titration methods include macro titration, micro titration, volume setting titration, EP, etc. It conforms to ASTM D664 Test Method for Acid Number of Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Titration and ASTM D2896 Test Method for Base Number of Petroleum Products by Potentiometric Perchloric Acid.



Resolution 0.01pH; 0.1mV; 0.1°C
pH measuring range 0.00pH-14.00pH
mV measuring range 0-±2000mV
Temperature measuring range (-5.0~105.0)°C
Repeatability 0.20%
Sensitivity of controlling titration ≤2mV
Power supply110-240V


110-240V 50-60Hz

Burettvolume tolerance

Burette 15mL ±0.025mL
Burette 25mL ±0.035mL
titration mode HCl–NaOH;K2Cr2O7–Fe2+


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