Aspirator Pump

  1. Select the optimum model between two different types of pump.Both are suitable for rotary vacuum evaporation, decompressing distillatories, vacuum dryers, and vacuum filtering units
  2. Flow Rate: 36 L/min (18 L/min*2)
  3. Water Tank Capacity(L): 9.5 L
  4. Motor Power(W): 150 W
  5. Material (Water Tank): Polypropylene
  6. Dimensions : Water Tank(WxDxH)= 298 x 210 x 227, Case(WxDxH)= 330 x 265 x 390
  7. Absorption nozzle: 9.5 Ø x 2
  8. Overflow nozzle: 17 Ø
  9. Safety Devices: Fuse, check valve, overheat protection
  10. Weight (kg): 5.7


Aspirator Pump creates a vacuum using an aspirator pump that is dependent on the vapor pressure of water. Ideal for rotary vacuum evaporators, decompressing distillatories, vacuum dryers, and vacuum filtering units.

  • Economic use of resources
  • High flow rate up to 36 L/min
  • Vacuum can be regulated between 20 mm-Hg and 74 mm-Hg
  • Employs two water flow and gas suction devices, a check valve, and an upstream prevention device
  • Housing is made of PP to enhance longevity
  • Small amounts of liquid in the machine don’t harm the system Built-in circulating pump and water tank makes this unit portable and       eliminates water waste.
  • Circulating pump continuously forces water quietly across a set of aspirators, and therefore clean and efficient.
  • Included (2) metal aspirators to create a vacuum with a built-in check valve to prevent back flow of water into the aspirator pump.
  • Submerged parts: 304 stainless steel, polypropylene silicone, and nickel-coated brass.
  • Tank features a drain port and spigot for easy water changes.

Included Accessories

  • Tank / Aspirating pump / Tank closure.
  • Two aspirators.
  • Two ø6mm (0.02˝) silicone rubber tube 20cm (0.7 ft) in length and an additional ø6mm (0.02˝) silicone rubber tube 100cm (3.3 ft)in length.


Description Aspirator Pump
Flow Rate  36 L/min (18 L/min*2)
Water Tank Capacity(L) 9.5 L
Motor Power(W) 150 W
Material (Water Tank) Polypropylene
Dimensions Water Tank(WxDxH) 298 x 210 x 227
Case(WxDxH) 330 x 265 x 390
Absorption nozzle 9.5 Ø x 2
Overflow nozzle 17 Ø
Safety Devices Fuse, check valve, overheat protection
Weight (kg) 5.7
Hubungi 081270868021

Specifications Accessories & Options

  • Vacuum gauge with regulator: to monitor and control the vacuum pressure. (between 0.0267~0.0998MPa / 7.9~29.5Hg)
  • Cooling coil: to prevent vacuum from decreasing due to temperature increase.


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