Digital Karl Fischer Water Content Tester

Digital Karl Fischer Water Content Tester adopts the global recognized classical moisture testing method – Karl Fischer Coulometric Method which is the most accurate method with low cost. With the universal standard and analyzing method, it can quickly analyze the moisture content in liquid, solid and gas and directly display testing results, with testing range from 0.0001%(1 ppm) to 100%. Therefore, this testing method has been widely used in institutions and enterprises of petroleum, chemical industry, power, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, railways, research, ETC



Method of display: Highlighted six-digit Nixie tube display
Method of Testing: Karl Fischer Coulometry Method
Testing Range: 1ugH2O—100mgH2O
Moisture Content Range: 0.0001%(1ppm)—100%
Senstivity: 0.1ugH2O
End-point Indication: Voice Warning/end-point light indication
Accuracy: 3ugH20-1mgH2O, deviation: ≤0.3% of indications

More than 1mgH2O, deviation: ≤0.5% of indications(exclude deviation of sample injection)

Electrolysis Current: Auto-control within 400mA
Self-checking: Breakdown self-checking button
Drift Compensation: Auto-control via MPU
Stirring Speed: Steerable
Dimension: 350*250*160mm
Working Environment: Temperature: 5°C-40°C
Power Consumption: <40W
Power Supply: AC220V±10% 50HZ±2.5HZ
Weight: About 6kg


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