Digital Hot Plate and Stirrer

  1. Display Mode :LCD Digital Display /Knob Control
  2. Max. Set Temperature ( top plate) (℃ ) :380
  3. Sensor :PT100
  4. Max. Set Temperature (With sensor)(℃ ) :200
  5. Temperature Stability (Pt100sensor)(℃ ) :±2
  6. Safety Temp. (℃ ) :50~430
  7. Stirring Speed Range :100~1200
  8. Heating Capacity (W) :500
  9. Max. Capacity (L)H2O :20
  10. Top Plate Material :SS304 coated with ceramic
  11. Number of stirring positions :1
  12. PID Parameters :2 set of PID
  13. Top Plate Dimensions(mm): 145×180
  14. Dimensions (mm) :225X215X115


  • Advanced microprocessor controlling system guarantees the reliability and temperature stability
  • Bright and clear LED digital display and setting for the working temperature, stirring speed, working time, and safety       temperature
  • Memory function for stirring speed and setting temperature, convenient for experiments with fixed conditions
  • Liquid drainage above the control board to prevent liquids from accessing the system
  • Direct connection for Pt100 temperature sensor for convenient solution temperature control
  • Sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts design for enhanced longevity even in a harsh laboratory environment
  • When the temperature of the top plate is above 60℃ , hot-top indicator will light up for the user’s safety protection

PLUS serial – Advantages and Applications

  • Anti-corrosion top late is easy to clean, can stand high temperatures.
  • Ceramic coated stainless steel top plate is suitable for relatively mild heating, good for small sample amounts relatively low temperature for large volume sample


Model TR-HPS-22D
Display Mode LCD Digital Display /Knob Control
Max. Set Temperature ( top plate) (℃ ) 380
Sensor PT100
Max. Set Temperature (With sensor)(℃ ) 200
Temperature Stability (Pt100sensor)(℃ ) ±2
Safety Temp. (℃ ) 50~430
Stirring Speed Range 100~1200
Heating Capacity (W) 500
Max. Capacity (L)H2O 20
Top Plate Material SS304 coated with ceramic
Number of stirring positions 1
PID Parameters 2 set of PID
Top Plate Dimensions(mm) 145×180
Dimensions (mm) 225X215X115


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